Much of a company's success relies on effective decision-making and action by teams - from Boards of Directors, to the groups of staff who deliver the company's products and services each day. Research shows that successful teams don't just happen, they need to work at their success and regularly review and adapt their own performance.

This is an area where Change-fx and our sister site offering free resources on teams and leadership - - can make a unique contribution to your company. We are hugely experienced in getting the best performance from senior teams and Boards in companies, working with clients on:

  • Company strategy
  • Team performance improvement
  • Creative problem-solving workshops
  • Improving group dynamics

Formats are varied to suit clients needs - from two day off-site reviews to half-day seminars and regular monthly facilitation of team meetings. We also run training programmes on Board Development and High Performance Teams.

To support our work with teams, we have developed online team reviews and assessments - the Team Review and Team 360 profiles. These assessments are based on the most recent and best research, and focus in on the key factors shown to be crucial for the very highest team performance. The Team Review is an audit by team members themselves of their team's strengths and weaknesses on these key factors. The Team 360 adds insights and assessments from key stakeholders.

Using these reviews, team members can benchmark themselves against other teams from our database and pinpoint areas for team and individual leadership development. We guide the team through the discussions and practical actions to take their performance to the highest level. The profiles give a common vocabulary for teamwork across the organisation, making it easy for teams to work well with each other, and team members to contribute quickly and effectively when they join new teams.