We have in-depth experience of a range of tools for working with both large and small groups. With our experience across sectors and communities, we know what it is like to bring people together with different thinking and communication styles.

Change-fx provides experienced facilitators to plan and support key events in promoting and delivering change. Our facilitation work covers the whole spectrum from:

  • Specially designed creative problem-solving workshops
  • Working in detail with teams to review and improve performance
  • Running large group events across one, or even several, organisations to build broader based assessments and support for change

Expert facilitation for major team or corporate events adds value:

  • Beforehand where careful preparation is essential to plan the process and to work on information gathering and presentation of data and analysis
  • During the event itself in delivering progress against the stated objectives, providing inspiring external challenge, and ensuring effective participation
  • Afterwards in de-briefing with you and reviewing key points for progress

Change-fx can help you at each stage to deliver a successful outcome.