We have been developing leaders of major public and private sector organisations for twenty years - on an intensive one-to-one coaching basis, in leadership development learning sets, and through leadership development programmes.


Coaching can be a perfect solution for Chief Executives or senior managers who find it effective to have a one-to-one focus for some of their own professional development, or would like confidential sounding board for their future plans for themselves or their company. The format is flexible - some coaching programmes are based on development needs already identified, while others have a more open agenda providing flexibility to respond to issues as they arise.

We are qualified to use the major assessment and psychological profiles - Myers-Briggs, FIRO-B, Hogan, NEO-PI - and have also developed our own online reviews and assessments for individuals and teams. This takes the best evidence from thousands of leadership studies and crafts the evidence into a straightforward but comprehensive approach to teams and leadership. These assessments can be useful in helping an individual to pinpoint priorities for development, but frequently it is worth starting the coaching process, and using these assessments as and when they seem most relevant. Coaching is often face-to-face but also includes telephone and skype.

Learning sets

Learning sets are also well established as an excellent method of senior management development. Again, they can take several forms, but have in common the comparison of experience between a varied group of managers, a focus on real-world problems and solutions, and a frank and confidential peer review of personal and managerial styles. They are often the only way in which senior managers can really benchmark their own leadership skills with others and learn from them. We offer seminars on key aspects of leadership, and individual profiles on the major psychometric indicators, but set members also learn a great deal from helping each other, getting practical advice, and improving their skills in listening, diagnosing and learning from other circumstances and situations.

Leadership development programmes

We run leadership development programmes in the public and private sectors in the UK and Europe. Each programme is tailor-made to individual business needs. Our approach fits with our general philosophy of being evidence-based and centres on seminars covering twenty key leadership topics (ranging from change management to leading high performance teams to handling conflict). Our siste site - - gives more detail on our approach to team and leadership development. We use co-consulting based on our own support-insight-action model to encourage participants to learn from each other and break down silo thinking in their business. We prefer leadership development programmes to be an integral part of organisation development, and include real organisation change projects as part of any leadership development programme. To make this tangible, we like measurable organisation improvements to be part of the success measures of the leadership development programme.