At Change-fx most of our work involves helping clients plan and implement projects to improve corporate performance and behaviour. These projects are often part of a wider change programme involving work on strategy, restructuring, and the development of skills, processes, technology and facilities.

To offer you the most flexible resource, we can provide:

  • interim part time project managers
  • coaches and advisors for project management teams
  • facilitators of key events
  • trainers delivering support to those who plan and participate in change management work

Change Programmes

At the change programme level, we help you to:

  • assess the most effective approach to achieve change
  • define processes to help people appreciate the need for change
  • develop inspiring visions of the future
  • establish key change priorities for the biggest impact
  • assess the need for integration of initiatives
  • develop a clear, manageable programme of activity that demonstrates quick wins as well as longer term gains

Individual projects

At the individual project level we will help you to:

  • clarify benefits and desired outcomes, both in hard performance and softer behaviour terms
  • ensure that the change process is based on sound analysis and designed in a way that develops widespread commitment to delivery
  • develop plans to communicate clearly what needs to be done by when, with precise expectations of results and benefits